Warning Signs Indicative Of The Need For Pool Leak Detection Services

10 November 2021
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Your swimming pool is probably one of the top amenities in your home that you take pride in, and this is not surprising. Not only does your swimming pool provide you with a dedicated area to leisurely enjoy lazy afternoons, but you can also use this amenity to keep fit, so it presents you with the best of both worlds. But to keep your swimming pool in optimal condition, you must be stringent about according it the maintenance that it requires.

While pool cleaning and stabilizing the chemicals are essential you should also keep in mind that pool leak detection is just as fundamental. Without this measure, you stand the risk of wasting water while also facing increased utility bills. If you have never undertaken this measure before, check out the following warning signs that are indicative of the need for swimming pool leak detection services.

The pool water is stagnating in one or more areas

When your pool is working at optimum condition, the water inside it should be constantly circulating. This circulation works to ensure that there is minimal risk of bacteria breeding in the water, as the water is in constant motion. However, once the swimming pool springs a leak, the water will no longer be capable of circulating as it should. Instead, you may notice that some parts of your pool have stagnant water.

Usually, the water may stop moving at one of the pool lights, indicating that the hardware is no longer secured in place. Loosened hardware allows water to get sucked out of the pool causing stagnation in that particular area. Hiring pool leak detection services is important so that a contractor locates the leak and repairs it before your swimming pool wastes any more water.

The pool deck has suspicious puddles on or around it

You may not think much about your pool deck, but this structure is vital for the safety of all pool users, as it provides them traction to walk on once they get out of the pool. And since the pool deck is also used for sunbathing in addition to walking on it, it tends to get wet whenever people are swimming. But what about when there is no pool activity yet the deck still has puddles on the surface? If you have noticed this phenomenon, you probably require pool leak detection services.

There are several underlying causes of water collecting on and around the pool deck without having your swimming pool in use. For instance, if your swimming pool was outfitted with a vinyl liner, damage to the liner will allow water to seep out of the pool. Another potential cause for suspicious puddles on the deck that the swimming pool detection contractor will investigate is damaged plumbing that is allowing water to leak unchecked.

For more information on pool leak detection, contact a professional near you.