Pool Services For Winter Months: Dealing With Issues That Cause Problems With Pools When Temperatures Drop

2 November 2021
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There are many swimming pool services that you can turn to when you need help with your pool. Many pool service companies can take care of issues with any pool, whether it's a private or commercial swimming pool. They can also help with the upkeep during any season. These services can be especially good when the weather gets cooler. The following winter pool services are some of the things you might need help with:

Routine Maintenance

Pools require regular maintenance, and pools in cold weather require even more. The cold can cause all sorts of problems, from excessive algae growth to freezing the pump. There is routine maintenance that still needs to be done, even when the weather is cool.

If you haven't drained or closed the pool recently, you need to keep it clean. Thus, the filter and pump need to continue running. A pool service can program the pump to run during the winter months and keep the water clean. They can also add a treatment to prevent freezing if you live in an area with deep winter freezes.

Seasonal Upkeep

The colder months present unique challenges for pool owners. As winter approaches, the pool water turns murky, and you may begin to see more algae bloom. These changes can damage pool equipment and affect the pool's overall water quality.

There are several things that a pool service can do to maintain the upkeep of your pool during the winter weather. If you plan on closing the pool, they can partially drain it, winterize the equipment, and install the cover. If you leave the pool open, they can treat the water, check the filter, and add a blanket that can be used when the pool is not in use to prevent freezing.

Cleaning and Chemicals

Even though the weather is cooler and you are not using the pool as much, it still needs to be cleaned, and the chemical levels need to be balanced. A pool service can also help with cleaning, chemicals, and other tasks after your pool is closed.

Winterizing the pool means closing off the automatic feeder, which pumps chemicals into the pool. But in winter, the water temperature drops, so the pool needs less chlorine. A pool service can help adjust the chlorine level and make sure everything is correct. A winter pool service can also help with the heater. If the heater is not working right, it will use too much electricity and will cost too much to run. A pool service can help adjust it. These are all simple tasks, but winterizing the pool, adjusting the chemicals and heater, and adjusting the pool's water level are all things that need to be done.

The issues with your pool are just as important in winter as they are in the summer. Contact a pool service for help with these issues before the winter months set in.