Why Do You Need A Sump Pump?

9 September 2021
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A submersible pump or a sump pump is designed to relocate large amounts of standing water to another location, such as down a drain. As the name suggests, it can be submerged underwater and still work. If you aren't sure if a sump pump is right for you, check out these three reasons you may want to buy a sump pump and invest in pump installation.

You Own a Pool

Owning a pool can be an incredible benefit during the hot summer months. However, it can also become a dirty mess during the colder months. Regardless of the season, it can also be dangerous for trespassing children. Plus, if anything contaminates the pool like sewage or flood water, you'll want to replace it before swimming again.

This is where a sump pump comes in handy. You simply stick the pump in the pool, turn it on and let the pump relocate the water to the street or drain. Naturally, many pools come with their own pumps that are used to clean and circulate the water, but this is a poor choice for emptying the pool, and it could damage the pool pump. A sump pump can handle the load.

Your Crawl Space and Basement Are Prone to Flooding

Thanks to their location, crawlspaces and basements are often prone to flooding. In many cases, groundwater can rise high enough to reach the crawlspace or basement, but in other cases, standing water outside the home may leak into the basement.

Naturally, this is extremely problematic, especially if you have a finished basement. The water can destroy many materials, including wood, drywall, and electronics. Even if your basement isn't finished, however, standing water poses many risks, such as bacteria and disease, pests, mold, and rot.

Your Yard Has Poor Drainage

One reason the basement may flood is that the yard has poor drainage. However, a yard with poor drainage can cause other issues too, such as erosion. The large amounts of water can kill plants and ruin your landscaping.

Installing a sump pump helps your yard drain water quickly and effectively. However, while a portable sump pump may be good for your pool or crawlspace, a permanently installed sump pump with a well may be a better choice for yard drainage. These types of pumps can be programmed to turn on once the water gets too high in the well. They then turn off when the water drops.

Sump pumps are extremely useful tools for many reasons. They can quickly drain a pool or ensure your yard has great drainage. If you would like to know more, contact a provider in your area today.