5 Different Types Of Hot Tubs To Find The Perfect One For Your Home

2 August 2021
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Are you looking for custom hot tubs, spas, or saunas? There are many different styles available, from custom hot tubs to more traditional home spas. Here are some popular choices for hot tub or spa that just about anyone can afford:

Base-Model Spas With the Right Features

There's a variety of hot tub models on the market today. There are many factors to consider, from construction quality to sized tub and seating style. In general, homes with the right outdoor spaces benefit from a well-designed hot tub. Base model tubs offer some of the best solutions with options for sitting or laying down in the tub and all the basic standard features that you might be looking for.

Deluxe Spa Models With More

Modern spas can also be deluxe model tubs that have more features for your needs. These tubs can have more space for seating, as well as combo designs. Today, options for swimming combos can even have current generators.

Smart Spas Have The Right Tech

There is also a lot of modern technology that can be integrated into your hot tub. These smart hot tubs have features like audio, Internet connections, therapeutic lighting designs, and even a hideaway screen that can stream all sorts of content. If you are a self-proclaimed techy, a smart spa might be the right choice for your home — with all the gadgets you would even need.

Japanese-Style Home Bath and Sauna

Another option is to consider Japanese-style baths, which are different from other hot tubs. These are more of a relaxing and therapeutic hot tub than a spa. They are often hand-carved from materials like wood or stone and come in a variety of different sizes. This gives you more freedom when choosing the perfect place to install a new tub for therapeutic relaxation.

Create Your Own Oasis With a Modern Spa

There are also a lot of options to create your own custom spa and oasis with a custom design. These can be various models of above-ground shells or specially built inground designs that have all the features you need. The spa area can also include features like privacy screens, seating, and decorative details that are personalized to your tastes. 

There are many different styles of hot tubs or spas to choose from, no matter your budget or your preferences. Contact a hot tub service to discuss these options for your home.