Hot Tub Repairs That Might Be Needed When The Water In Your Tub Doesn't Heat Up Properly

15 June 2021
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A hot tub that doesn't heat the water to a consistent temperature and maintain it can be frustrating. You want to relax in nice warm water rather than take an icy dip. There are several things that can cause your hot tub to have problems with water temperature.

A hot tub repair professional can often narrow down the cause by listening to your description of the problem. However, they can also test different parts with a multimeter to isolate the problem. Here are some possible malfunctions and their repairs:

A Bad Heater Won't Heat Water At All

If the heater in your hot tub stops working, the water won't heat up at all. This could make it impossible to use your hot tub when the weather is cold, so you'll want quick repairs.

Fortunately, changing a bad hot tub heater is easy to do. The repair professional opens the cabinet after turning off the power, locates the heater, disconnects the wiring, and then puts in the new heater.

A Faulty Temperature Sensor Causes Erratic Heating

If the water temperature in your hot tub is erratic and impossible to control, the problem could be with the temperature sensor. If the water heats up, the heater is functioning. So if the heater shuts on and off randomly, it could be due to signals from a malfunctioning temperature sensor.

A hot tub repair professional can replace the sensor by locating the old one inside the cabinet, unscrewing the top, disconnecting the wire, and pulling out the bad sensor. A new sensor is then installed and wired.

Poor Circulation Can Affect Heating

A lack of heat in your hot tub isn't always an electrical problem. Good water circulation is necessary for proper heating. When your hot tub repair professional checks your tub, they may find the filter is clogged. If so, the solution to the problem might be to clean out the filter.

Water circulation might also be affected by clogged plumbing or a bad pump. The repair professional can check the plumbing in your hot tub and make the repairs needed. The pump could need repairs or it might need to be replaced. The hot tub might need to be flushed out to clear the plumbing lines.

Some hot tub repairs are fairly easy to do, but since electrical parts are often involved, it may be better to play it safe and hire a repair professional to get your hot tub working properly again. Plus, sometimes the difficult part of hot tub repair is isolating the problem so the right part can be replaced.

For more information, reach out to a service that offers hot tub repair.