Pool Safety Cover Installation To Prepare Your Home For A Safer Summer Oasis

9 March 2021
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Before the summer season starts, you are going to want to make sure your pool is safe. Installing a safety cover is often something that is done during the winter months, but there are also reasons that you need to use a cover throughout the year to protect your pool and keep outdoor spaces safe. The following information will help improve safety during the summer months:

Installing A Manual Safety Cover For Your Pool

The first option that you may want to consider is installing a manual cover. When installing a manual cover, there are some features that you want to make sure you have around your pool, such as the anchor grommets that hold the cover in place. There are also options for materials, which can be lighter mesh materials for a cover that you use during the summer months. Installing a manual safety cover can be an affordable solution to improve the safety of your pool.

Automated Safety Covers and Enclosures to Improve Pool Areas

The safety cover can also be an automated system, which can be great if you are planning on using it all year. These systems can be a couple of different designs. The automated covers can be hard rigid materials, or they can be systems that roll the cover onto a spindle system. In addition to traditional covers, there are also options like partial enclosures. These can be opened and closed and allow you to use your pool during different weather conditions.

Getting More From Your Safety Cover Installation 

The safety cover installation can also be improved with the right features. There are extra features and other options that you may want to consider to get more from installing a new cover. Some of the options that can give you more from your safety cover installation include:

  • Padding to protect other surfaces
  • Separate custom covers for summer and winter
  • Thermal solar covers that help keep the water warm

These are some of the extras that will help you get more from your safety cover installation. The right extra features will help make your pool safer and provide other benefits. The solar blanket (thermal cover) may be something that needs to be installed beneath the safety cover to maximize benefits and ensure safety.

Reach out to a contractor at a pool safety cover installation service in your area to improve the safety of your pool cover before you open it for summer.