Unforeseen Pool Problems And Cleaning After You Have Completed Closing For Summer

20 October 2020
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Sometimes, there are problems with your pool that are unforeseen. You may have already closed your pool for the summer season, but this does not mean the maintenance is over. When you have pool problems during winter weather, it may be a good idea to deal with these issues and cleaning before opening in spring. Why would you need to have pool cleaning done before spring?

Winter treatments that require equipment to run

If you have applied a treatment to your pool water for winter, there is still maintenance that needs to be done. The maintenance and pool care that needs to be done with winter water treatments include:

  • Additional water treatments
  • Regular testing of chlorine and PH
  • Occasionally backwashing the filter medium
  • Running the pool pump and filter a couple of times a month

Make sure that you run the filter regularly to ensure the water treatment is distributed evenly in the water. You may want to talk to a pool cleaning service for help with the occasional maintenance that your pool will need while it is closed during cold weather.

Damaged covers that cause debris to get into the water

The safety cover that is installed on your pool at closing is vulnerable to damage. The cover can be torn or punctured. This can cause serious hazards, and you will want to have the cover repaired as soon as you notice any damage. In addition, the damage to the cover can also cause problems with debris getting in the water. You may want to have the pool service clean the pool if an excessive amount of debris has fallen in the water.

Cold weather causing damage to pool plumbing  

The pipes of pool equipment are vulnerable to damage as the temperatures get lower. When there is a problem with damage to the pool plumbing, it can affect the water quality. Dirt and debris can get into the water, which can cause damage to equipment in spring. Therefore, you will want to have problems with your pool plumbing fixed. After the damaged pipes are fixed, you will want to have the pool cleaned to prevent damage to the pump, filter, and other equipment.

Algae bloom that starts early and affects pool water quality

The weather can also affect your pool if it is warmer than usual. Algae blooms are frustrating and can cause your pool to lose a lot of water when cleaning is done. When the algae blooms happen early, you may need to have pool cleaning done earlier than expected. Things that can help you deal with early algae bloom include:

  • Removing heavy algae buildup
  • Adding an antialgae treatment
  • Circulating the water through the filter

Try to deal with the algae bloom as early as possible to prevent problems with pool equipment.

Sometimes, these pool problems are unavoidable, and you may need to have the cleaning done before opening your pool in spring. Call a pool cleaning service for help cleaning up the mess and doing repairs before problems get worse.