When Home Spa Energy Consumption Increases, There Is A Reason Why

6 October 2020
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A home spa requires energy to operate. As a result, this installation will lead to an increase in energy consumption. However, the difference should be subtle and manageable. When the cost to operate your home spa begins to rise increasingly, it is typically a sign of an underlying problem that you need to address. Learn more about how to address this problem. 

Consider the Home Spa Age

If you have owned the spa for quite some time, the cause for the increase could be the age of the spa. Over the years, home spas have not only advanced in terms of the features they offer but also in terms of the energy efficiency they provide. The same is true when it comes to the measures that installers apply in terms of where and how they install the spa. It might simply be time to install a new spa.

Increase Insulation

Have a professional come and inspect the insulation around the spa. The better the spa is insulated, the easier it is for it to maintain its temperature. Therefore, the less energy necessary to keep the spa warm. If you have had a recent increase in energy cost, it could be that your insulation is worn and, you may need to replace it or have more insulation added. Either way, a service provider will be able to help you.

Maintain Clean Filters

Keeping the filters for the spa clean is important not just for maintaining clean water, but also to the overall function of the unit. A dirty, clogged filter will force the spa to work harder to circulate water through the unit. The result of this increased workload is an increase in energy consumption, and ultimately, increased costs. Ensure you check the filter periodically and routinely empty and clean it. 

Invest in a Custom Cover

Sure, you might be able to purchase a spa cover from a big box store, but it may not be the best investment. Generic covers do a poor job at fitting the spa snugly, which in turn means that some of the heat contained inside the spa might be lost. A custom cover fits the spa better and ensures that all the heat remains inside the spa, so that it naturally stays warmer, longer. 

If you have an issue with your home spa that is driving up your energy consumption cost, make certain you speak with a spa service provider to get to the bottom of the problem. 

For more information on spa services, reach out to a spa supplier.