The Apartment Pool Maintenance Guide To Keep Installations Safe All Summer

30 June 2020
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If you own apartments or multifamily properties, installations like pools, gyms, and recreation areas are important features. These luxury features attract tenants and make them want to stay. The facilities like pools require maintenance, and they will need more during the summer months.

Apartment pool maintenance is important to keep installations open and safe. The treatments and care of these installations will be different than other private residential properties. Due to the high community use, treatments, maintenance, and repairs are needed more often. The following apartment pool maintenance guide will help ensure your property installations stay safe and open all summer:

  • Inspecting Pools at Summer Opening — The pool and the recreation areas around it all need to be inspected before the summer opening. First, inspect for hazards like damaged drains and covers that need to be repaired. Then, you are going to want to inspect all the pump and filtration equipment to ensure everything is in good shape before you continue with the opening.
  • Repairs and Upgrades to Start the Summer — Begin the summer with any repairs and upgrades that your apartment pool needs. You may want to upgrade the drain and skimmer covers with safety devices to prevent accidents. You can also do updates to the filtration and pump systems to help reduce maintenance costs and improve the water quality.
  • Shock and Treat Water Early — The water needs to be treated early. Start the summer by shocking the water with a chlorine treatment before opening. Begin cleaning the water and balancing the pH to ensure it is ready when you open this summer. Once you have treated the water, keep up with testing and treatments throughout the summer to ensure the apartment pool stays clean and safe.
  • Daily and Weekly Water Tests — Water in your apartment pools needs to be safe every day. Therefore, it is essential to test the water frequently. Maintenance staff should use quick test strip kits or other methods to check the water daily. During the weekly maintenance, the pool service can do a thorough test of the water when chemicals are added to keep the water balanced and clean.
  • Monthly Inspections to Keep Pools Safe — The pool equipment and area should also be inspected monthly. Inspect drains, skimmer covers, and the pool area for problems and hazards that need to be repaired. You will also want to have the maintenance service inspect the pump and filtration equipment to ensure everything is working properly.

These are some of the things that will help ensure your installations stay safe and open all summer. Contact an apartment pool maintenance service to help keep your facilities safe this summer.