Different Types Of Swimming Pool Covers

26 May 2020
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As a general rule, swimming pool covers are used during the wintertime. However, they can also be utilized during the summer. Summer swimming pool covers can be used to inhibit the growth of algae, keep out various types of debris, and promote overall safety. Keep reading to learn about some of the more common types of covers so that you can determine the best style of cover for your home pool.


Automatic pool covers will open and close by simply pushing a button. These covers are designed to keep out foreign liquids and debris from entering the pool while also minimizing water evaporation, which is very important in hotter areas of the country. This particular type of cover is a safer option since they help in preventing people and animals from falling into the pool.


Mesh swimming pool covers will permit rainwater to seep through, which can be found to be beneficial during the wetter seasons of the year. These covers will still prevent debris like twigs, leaves, and insects from entering the pool. Mesh covers are available with various degrees of protection from UV radiation.


Solar swimming pool covers are designed to keep out dirt and various types of debris, which help to minimize the amount of time that you have to spend on cleaning the pool. They will also absorb the heat from the sun, which heats up the pool and can be helpful on cooler nights but possibly less helpful on those hot, summer days. While these covers do not provide any safety benefits since animals and children can fall in even when the cover is in place, they do help prevent water evaporation.


Aside from retaining heat via insulating materials, thermal pool covers have the capability of preventing the growth of algae. Though algae are not particularly damaging, it can make the stairs of the pool slippery and cause cosmetic issues. These types of pool covers will also help prevent the evaporation of water and are impervious to damage from the heat.


Vinyl pool covers offer maintenance and safety benefits, as long as they are installed properly. They provide a solid foundation that can prevent accidents and the intrusion of debris and pests. While these covers are not often used during the wintertime, vinyl covers are beneficial if your pool is not going to be used for an extended duration.

If you would like to learn more about swimming pool covers, get in touch with a pool contractor or equipment supplier like John Strawhacker Swimming Pool Service in your area.