How to Determine Why Your Pool Water Isn't Circulating and Instead Getting Cloudy

19 May 2020
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When there is a problem with the water not circulating through your pool and getting cloudy, it is usually due to problems with the pump and other equipment. Therefore, you will want to troubleshoot the issues that are causing water to not circulate in your pool like it should and causing the water to get cloudy. The following pool equipment troubleshooting guide will help you find the cause of water not circulating in your pool as it should:

Check the Traps for Leaf Debris and Large Waste 

The first thing that you will want to check is the traps that prevent debris from getting in the pump and filter. These traps often get blocked by leaf and large debris, which is why they have a clear cover that allows you to inspect and clean them easily. If the leaf trap for your pump is blocked, open the cover, and clear the debris to get the water circulating again.

Determine Whether Heaters and Chlorine Dispensing Systems Are Restricting Flow

There is additional pool equipment that you may add to your pool, which can restrict the circulation and may require maintenance. Some of these systems include pool heaters, chlorine dispensers, fountains, and water features. This pool equipment may need to be upgraded or you may need to do improvements to the pump and plumbing to ensure your pool has adequate water circulation to keep it clean.

Address Clogged Lines and Dirty Filters 

There are also a lot of problems with clogged lines that can reduce water circulation in your pool. These problems are often due to the plumbing, which will need to be cleared to get the water circulating again. The problem can also be due to a dirty filter, which needs maintenance. Backwash the filter or change the filtration medium to improve the water circulation in your pool and keep it clean throughout summer.

Repair or Replace Worn Pool Pumps 

Worn and damaged pool pumps can often be the cause of water not circulating. Sometimes, pool pump repairs can be simple and only require cleaning and replacing a part. If the problem cannot be easily fixed, a pool pump repair service can help with replacing motors, turbines and other parts to get the water in your pool circulating again.

Troubleshooting the problems with your pool equipment will help you find and fix equipment before the water problems affect summer swimming. If you need help with repairs before these problems get worse, contact a pool pump repair service.