The Complete Winter Pool Closing Guide To Prepare Water For Cold Weather And Get Ready For Spring

5 March 2020
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The water in your pool is vulnerable to a lot of problems during the cold winter weather. Therefore, you want to winterize your pool to prevent problems with the water and damage to your pool equipment. You will also want to know what needs to be done after the winter weather has passed and it is time for spring maintenance. The following guide will help you with winterization before cold weather and preparing your pool when it is time for spring maintenance.

End of Summer Shock Treatment and Winter Treatments for Pool Water in Cold Weather

At the end of the summer, you want to make sure that the water is clean before closing. Therefore, it is important to shock the pool after you have swum in it for the last time of the year. Later, when the fall months come and you are starting with winter closing maintenance, you will want to add a winter water treatment that will protect the pool during the winter months when it is closed.

Backwashing the Filter and Preparing Pool Equipment for the Winter Weather

Once you have added the winter water treatment to your pool, you will be ready to start with maintenance to the equipment. Clean out all the skimmers and traps to start with the winter closing chores. Once you have cleaned out everything, you will also want to backwash the filter one last time to ensure there is nothing in it that can cause problems during the winter months.

Partially Draining Your Pool and Getting Ready for the Freezing Temperatures That Can Cause Damage

Once you have finished with backwashing your filter and cleaning everything, you will want to continue the winterization process. Partially drain the pool below the skimmers and plumbing. Once the pool is at the right level, you will want to blow air through the pipes to remove any water that can freeze and cause damage. Add tops to inlets and other plumbing to prevent water from getting in the equipment and causing damage.

Reconnecting Pool Equipment in Spring and Removing the Cover to Prepare for Spring Maintenance

When the winter weather has passed, you will be ready to reconnect pool equipment and remove any plugs from skimmers and other plumbing. This is also when you will want to remove the pool cover to begin the spring maintenance and get ready to open your pool when summer arrives.

Filling the Pool with Water, Backwashing the Filter, and Starting with Chemical Treatments to Prepare for Summer

Once everything has been connected, start filling your pool with water. When the pool is full to the level of the skimmers, you will want to begin circulating the water. This is also when to start backwashing the filter to remove any debris and then add the chlorine to begin treating the water for summer.

These are some of the things that you will need to do for your pool through winter and to prepare for maintenance in spring. If you need help with your pool's winter maintenance, contact a pool service for help with all your winter pool closing needs.

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