Leak In Your Pool? How To Repair This

25 February 2020
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Depending on where a hole is in your pool, you may be able to repair it in order to lengthen the life of your swimming pool. If you have a hole in your liner, it may be repairable, but if you have a hole in the exterior wall of your above-ground pool, you may not be able to repair this. If, however, you have a hole in your skimmer basket or in the hoses connected to your filter or pump, these can also be repaired. Read on for instructions on how to repair a leak in your pool.


A leak from your pool liner can occur over time, as the liner will stretch and dry out or something could puncture your liner. If you have spotted a hole or even a minor tear, you can repair this by using a liner patch kit. The patch kit comes with everything you would need to make the repair. Be sure to cut the patch a few inches larger than the hole itself. Use the glue that came in the kit and apply it to the patch, then place the patch on the hole/tear. If the hole or tear was under the waterline, then you need to drain some of the water in order to apply the patch. When doing so, drain the water at night to prevent the sun from drying out your liner and causing further problems.


If there's a hole or crack in the skimmer, it will need to be replaced. A hole in this area can cause you to lose a lot of water and could cause air to get into the pump/filter, which could end up burning these both up. You can purchase a skimmer from your local pool supply store. Drain the water below the skimmer line, then remove the skimmer. Take the new skimmer and replace it where the old one was located. Add more water to your pool to be sure you don't have any leaks around the skimmer.


If your hoses are the cause of the leak, it's an easy repair. You'll need to remove the old hoses and replace them with new ones. You may need to drain some of the water from your pool in order to get the hoses in place properly, or you can simply turn off your pool and add a cover to your skimmer opening and to your water return as well. Then remove the hoses and replace them.

If you have a leak in your pool and you aren't sure where the leak is coming from, hire a professional pool repair company for help to find the leak and to repair it as well.