Maintain An Indoor Community Pool And Decking

14 February 2020
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A new indoor community pool will accommodate families who would like to participate in a leisurely swim session or fitness buffs who are interested in water exercises. Although the new water feature may be in pristine condition on opening day, failing to establish a pool maintenance schedule could result in the pool becoming polluted or damaged. Set up a maintenance plan, which includes inspecting the deck and pool, completing cleaning tasks, and covering the pool each night.

Indoor Pools Are More Likely To Become Dirty

Outdoor decking that surrounds a pool tends to slope away from a water feature, resulting in less debris coming into contact with the water. An indoor pool contains decking that slopes toward a water feature, preventing water from pooling around interior walls. As a result of this design difference, water in an indoor pool will probably get dirty more frequently.

You can reduce contributing factors to the decline in the water's quality by keeping the deck as clean and dry as possible. Purchase a couple of skimmers for your pool staff to use before and after each swimming session. Post signs that prohibit pool users from drinking beverages or consuming food while on the deck or in the pool.

Check the water quality on a weekly basis and add more chemicals as needed. Inspect the filtration system and clean it if any foreign materials become stuck along surfaces that are necessary for adequate operation. 

Waterproof Furnishings, Faux Foliage, Ample Lighting, And A Cover Will Help

Old furnishings that are constructed of materials that may shred or decay if they get wet will only contribute to the risk of particles being in close proximity to the pool. Purchase waterproof furnishings that are fairly basic in design so that they can be wiped off easily.

If you want to add a little bit of decor to the pool area, you may have thought about purchasing some potted plants. Although potted foliage would add a nice touch, dealing with spilled dirt on the deck or in the pool may not be so pleasant. Replace potted plants with faux foliage that lacks dirt in each pot or holder.

Install sufficient lighting above and around the pool. This will help you and your maintenance crew identify dirty components or spills that need to be cleaned up. Purchase a motorized, retractable pool cover and have it professionally installed. When all of the swimmers have exited the pool, close the cover. 

For more pool maintenance tips, contact a pool service near you.