3 Decisions To Make Before You Start Planning The Construction Of Your New Pool

13 February 2020
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If you love to spend time in the water exercising, swimming, playing, or just floating, a backyard pool could be an excellent investment that would bring you years of enjoyment. New pool construction isn't a quick process, so you should start planning months ahead of when you want your pool to be ready. Depending on how fast your city moves, it could take a few weeks just to get your permit. Here are some decisions to make about your new backyard pool.

1. The Type Of Pool You'll Install

If you want a pool that lasts a long time and is a permanent addition to your property, then you'll probably want an inground pool. Inground pools are made of concrete, fiberglass, or frames with vinyl liners.

The advantage of a concrete pool is that it can be built to your specifications in any size and shape you want. The drawback is that these pools take longer to build. A fiberglass shell pool can be installed much quicker, but since the shells only come in preformed shapes, you give up the ability to customize the pool.

Vinyl liner pools have shapes determined by their frames. These are the least durable pools since the vinyl liner will degrade over time and need to be replaced. However, they are the least expensive type of backyard pool.

2. The Size And Depth Of Your Pool

Size is an important consideration if you have a small yard. If your main enjoyment is mostly floating and relaxing, you may be satisfied with a small dip pool that takes up little room. When you get a concrete pool put in, the pool builder can make it any size and fit it around the space you have in your yard. If you prefer swimming over lounging, you'll want a larger pool unless you get a swim current attachment for a small pool.

Consider how you and your family will use the pool when thinking about size and depth. Decide if you want a deep pool for diving. If so, the builder can add a diving board or even a diving rock. However, it's not necessary to have a deep end on your pool, and your family can have just as much fun in a shallower pool and have more room for playing games when half the pool isn't reserved for diving.

3. The Shape Of Your Pool

You may want a traditional rectangular pool without any added features, but you might prefer a custom-designed lagoon pool with a beach entry. If you spend a lot of time in your yard or if your windows have a full view of your pool, you may want to go all out and add a rock waterfall, water jets, and landscaping that makes your pool an urban oasis.