Drains, Covers, Pool Accidents: 4 Tips To Upgrade The Safety Features Of Your Pool Before Summer Gets Here

7 February 2020
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Soon, the summer months will be here, and you will be opening your pool, but is it safe? Outdated equipment like pool drains and covers can be hazards that you want to fix before the summer opening. Today, there are options for safety drains and safety pool covers that can help ensure your pool is safe when summer arrives. The following tips will help you with the upgrades that need to be done to keep your pool safe when you open it for summer swimming:

1. Safety Pool Covers and Enclosures to Keep Your Pool Safe When It Is Not in Use

The first improvement that you will want to consider when getting your pool ready for the summer weather is adding a safety cover. This is a sturdy, automated cover that prevents people or pets from falling in the water when the pool is not in use. There are also options for pool enclosures that can help make your pool a safer place during the summer weather.

2. Enclosing Pool Equipment and Chemicals to Keep Things Safe During the Summer Swimming Season

The pool is not the only area that you may want to close to keep it safe during summer. The area where you have pool equipment and chemicals should also be enclosed to keep it safe during summer weather. Install an enclosure for your pool equipment that will allow you to keep this area safe from children and pets while you are using your pool during the summer months.

3. Updating Your Pool Drain System to Ensure It Is Safe and Prevent Serious Accidents

The pool drains can be some of the most dangerous areas if they are outdated. This is because the safety tops are often missing or come loose, which can cause someone to get caught in the drain. To prevent these serious accidents, it is important to have your pool updated with the appropriate safety drain system before you open it for summer.

4. Check, Repair and Update Electrical Wiring and Mechanical Installations Around Your Pool for Safety

There may also be electrical wiring for lighting in and around your pool, as well as for outdoor electrical outlets near the pool. Before you open your pool, make sure that the wiring is updated and safe for the water around your pool. In addition, revise pool equipment and other mechanical installations to ensure no repairs are needed and that it is all safe for you to open your pool and enjoy swimming in hot summer weather without any hazards.

These are some tips to help update drains, covers, and other safety features around your pool before summer opening. If you want to install an automatic safety cover for your pool, contact a pool cover service and talk to them about the best solutions for the needs of your pool.