How To Vacuum Your Pool Properly

27 January 2020
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Vacuuming your pool is one of the most important tasks you need to do to your pool to ensure it stays clean and clear. If you aren't vacuuming your pool, then you probably have a thick layer of algae at the bottom, which is not something you want to be swimming through when you want to take a dip in your pool. When vacuuming your pool, you need to be sure you're doing it properly. Read on for instructions to vacuum your pool.

What You'll Need:

  • Vacuum head
  • Extension pole
  • Vacuum hose
  • Filter
  • Pump
  • Skimmer/hose attachment


  1. First, you need to attach the vacuum head to the extension pole, and the hose needs to be attached to the vacuum head. Once you have this assembled, put the vacuum head and hose in the water. Hold onto the pole to prevent it from falling into the pool.
  2. Next, take the other end of the hose and blow the air out of the hose using the water return on your pool. Watch the bubbles coming out of the bottom of the vacuum head. Wait for the bubbling to stop, which means you've gotten all of the air out of the hose.
  3. After the air is out of the hose, continue to keep the hose end underwater, then move it to the skimmer. Use the attachment and insert it into the hose opening, then insert the attachment into the hole on the bottom of the skimmer. 
  4. Depending on your pool, the lid on the skimmer needs to be turned and placed into the inside of the skimmer. Turn the pool off and back on again to create good suction.
  5. You can now begin to vacuum. When doing so, use slow movements to move the vacuum around your pool. If you move the vacuum too quickly, you'll just move the dirt around. 
  6. Once you're finished vacuuming, turn the pool off, remove the hose and vacuum head. Remove the skimmer lid and put it back on top of the skimmer. Then turn the filter to backwash to get rid of the dirty water you've just vacuumed up and prevent it from being blown back into your pool. Watch for the water to run clear from the filter, then turn the pool off again.
  7. Turn the filter to rinse and again watch the water until it runs clear.
  8. Finally, turn the filter to its normal setting.

Make sure after you've vacuumed that you test the chemical levels and add more water if necessary. If you aren't up to this type of pool care, hire a professional to get this work done for you.