The Fiberglass Pool Installation And Preparation Guide For A New Outdoor Oasis

30 June 2020
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There are many different types of pools that you can have installed for your home. One of the best solutions is fiberglass because it is a rigid and affordable inground pool solution. When you have a fiberglass pool installed, there are some things you should know to prepare for installation.

Before your pool can be installed, there is going to need to be some excavation done. When the plumbing has been stubbed out, the pool can be dropped in its hole. The work of installing a fiberglass pool does not stop at dropping it into place. The following fiberglass pool installation guide will help you get your new pool installed correctly:

  • Marking the Location to Begin Excavation — The first thing that needs to be done is to decide where your pool will be located. Mark the area that needs to be excavated and then begin digging the area out. The excavations will the same depth as the pool and a little wider and longer than the pool, which will help reduce the pressure of soil against the sides of the pool. Backfill can be used to create the slope to the pool deck surface and area around your pool. 
  • Stubbing out Pool Plumbing — The plumbing will need to be installed next. This process is referred to as stubbing out, which is the installation of the rigid pipes. The pool plumbing needs to be installed before the pool can be dropped in place. Install the main drain line and other pipes that will be difficult to get to after the pool is in place. Some of the other pipes to equipment can be installed after the pool is in place.
  • Dropping the Pool in Its Place — The pool will need to be set in its place. This is done in the excavated hole over a level aggregate material. The voids around the edges of the pool can then be backfilled with an excellent aggregate and sand material. The pool can be partially filled during the backfilling process to prevent bubbling and installation damage.
  • Installing Pool Equipment Systems — The next step will be to install the pool equipment. Once the backfilling is nearly complete, you will be ready to continue with the installation of pool equipment. Any skimmer, drain, inlet, or outlet holes will need to be cut out if they have not been already. The pool equipment can be installed and wired before moving on to the final stages.
  • Finishing the Pool Deck and Filling — The last steps in the process will be to complete the pool deck surface and fill the pool. The pool deck surface will need backfill and finished before filling the pool with water. Once you have finished the pool deck, you can begin filling the pool. Once the pool reaches the skimmer and inlet levels to circulate water, you will be able to turn on the pump.

With proper preparations and installation practices, you will not have any problem with your fiberglass pool installation. If you are ready to install a pool for your home, contact a fiberglass pool service and start preparing for the installation.