Learn All About Gunite Pools

13 March 2020
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Do you wish you had a pool to enjoy on those long, hot summer days? Would you like to be able to throw exciting pool parties for friends and family? Would you like to have a pool where you could get in a good cardio workout without breaking a sweat? There are many benefits that come with having a pool installed. You want to make sure you choose the right type of inground pool when you finally decide the time has come for one. Here is information on Gunite pools, which may prove to be the best choice for your needs.

What are Gunite Pools?

Gunite pools are constructed by using a concrete and sand mix that's sprayed over a rebar framework in order to create a very durable pool structure that will last for many years. In order to understand the difference between a Gunite pool and a traditional concrete one, take into consideration that a concrete pool requires wooden framework to maintain its shape, where a Gunite pool is constructed to maintain its shape on its own.

Can I decide on the shape of my pool?

When you have a Gunite pool designed, you can decide how you want it to look. Any size or shape can be created in order to give you a pool you'll be completely satisfied with. If you always thought it would be fun to have a pool shaped like a shark, or you would rather have a round pool, then this is your chance. This is a fantastic way to make sure your pool complements your landscape.

Can I decide on the completed look of my pool?

When you have a Gunite pool put in, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of colors, so you can really have a pool that meets your desires. You can also make decisions like having the pool designed with a pebble surface. You'll also be able to pick from a vast selection of tiles.

Can I have other amenities designed into the pool?

If you would like a pool with its own built in jacuzzi, grilling area, separate sitting area, or waterfall, then you can have these things added into the design. You should really put some thought into the things you think would put your pool over the top and help it cater to your liking.


Now that you have a better idea of some of the great things a Gunite pool has to offer, you may want to seriously consider such a pool for your home. To learn more, contact Gunite pool builders in your area.